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Different Kind of Melancholy by Luinloth

It's definitely a departure from your usual style :P And it's very nice, I especially like the curls and the folds on the skirt.

But you need to work on anatomy a bit. The left arm is too long. Women's elbows end approximately at the height of their waists, and while the forearm without the hand is shorter than the upper arm, together with the hand and fingers it is quite a bit longer than the distance between shoulder and elbow.

Also, I have some issues with the legs - it looks as if she doesn't have hips at all, and while you might argue that you and your alter ego don't have the widest hips in the universe (XD), still in the drawing it looks a bit strange, there's no indication that there is a bum under that skirt at all, it seems as if the legs reach up to her waist without any flaring at all. In fact, it even looks as if her waist is thicker than her thighs. I realize you might have done it on purpose, wanting her lower half to be seen as if from the side, but in this case this would be impossible unless she had a revolving waist, so as far as I can tell it should be more from the perspective that you used on her shoulders and back, in which case the hips definitely need to be wider - or, at least, the thighs need to be more diagonally flaring to give an inpression of hips and an arse under that lovely skirt :P

Love the face, though :D Are you converting to manga now?

(And sorry for that, but you wanted a critique xD)
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Luinloth Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012   General Artist
I guess that's what critiques are for xD Arms were funny to draw because I used a pic for reference and then changed the position a bit, I guess that's why I messed the length up ;D
I guess she's seen a bit from the side & a bit from above and I think it's the most frakking crazy view in manga, you know, most of them are seen from below to show the panties xD
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